One Shot Keto Reviews⚠️???? | Detailed Report On One Shot Keto Based On Customer Reviews

Hello guys, today I bring you an in-depth and detailed One Shot Keto review or something that I would rather call One Shot Keto scam. Since weight gain and obesity are the current generation’s rising causes of panic and concern, people from across the globe have been coming up with various methods to shed those extra pounds.

Among them, the keto diet is one of the most popular methods of weight loss. While keto diets as such when followed religiously are effective, scams such as the One Shot Keto are not only misleading but can also be dangerous to those who blindly follow them.

Desperation to lose weight can lead to people easily falling for any promises even if they yield unreal results. Taking advantage of the situation, there are also various fake keto diet scams in the internet market that make big promises. Nobody can become slim like a Victoria’s Secret model overnight.

Quick Overview on One Shot Keto Supplement

Quick Summary :

One Shot keto is a supplement that claims to accelerate the fat-burning procedure by helping you reach ketosis faster, but does not deliver any one of the claims. There are quite a lot of negative reviews about One Shot keto in public health forums and also some users reported severe side effects on using it. Even on the internet, One shot keto is flooded with negative customer reviews.

The supplement is said to be formulated with herbal extracts and natural ingredients that accelerate the instant loss of stubborn fat from your body. But as you dig deeper into the supplement, you realize that the only ingredient used in formulating One Shot keto supplement is BHB. So One Shot keto supplement is not the natural or herbal supplement it claims to be.

Also, the official website claims that the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility. But there is no evidence to verify these claims and we couldn’t find any of the One Shot keto’s official website. 

Critical Update: One Shot Keto is no longer trending and the customer reviews are not that great. We recommend SlimTone Keto Supplement as an alternative to One Shot Keto as it contains all the ingredients used in One Shot Keto with better results.

One Shot Keto Review – Can The Supplement Help Lose Weight Without Effort?

I came across One Shot Keto a few weeks back through a Facebook ad. The product seemed very convincing initially with all the big claims about how every judge on shark tank has backed up this product and the very panellist of shark tank Lori Greiner, holding the products in her hand.

The video also had around 100,000 views. As I looked upon the product further I found many more similar claims about Shark Tank endorsement but something seemed off, none of these ads had named the product in the video except the one video with Lori Greiner. 


One shot keto supplement
Product Name One Shot Keto
Category Fat Burn
Benefits Burn fats in your body instead of carbs
Price $60.04
Money-Back Guarantee 60 Days
Official Website

What are the claims made by official websites and reviews?

Shark Tank Approved or Appeared 

Shark Tank is an Emmy award-winning, ABC’s program that has been successfully running on air since 2009. The program features a platform for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. If the sharks are impressed with the idea or the product, then the product is backed up and the funding is provided by the sharks.

The self-proclaimed Facebook Ad on One Shot Keto appeared on Facebook on March 12, 2020. If you look into the official website of the program you will be able to find a list of all the products approved by the sharks and One Shot Keto is definitely not on the list. Furthermore, Barbara Corcoran, one of the “sharks” panellists, said, “ This is false and neither she nor any of her fellow panel members endorse such pills. The show also recently warned people related to the fake products that have been released into the market using the show and its investors just for promotion.

Barbara Corcoran’s exact words are, “The Keto diet pill ads are totally fictitious and so many good people are falling for them

one shot keto fb video screenshot

Lots of positive reviews on Google and reputed news websites which is supposedly the official site of the product is an online supplement vendor platform. According to the claims of the site, the One Shor Keto supplement was a part of a study where the researchers were trying to look for a link between the One Shot Keto and weight loss without feeling low on energy levels.

But where’s the proof?

If a so-called study has been carried out, then there must be some kind of information backing up these false claims. I couldn’t find anything related to this on google.

The closest to any kind of news regarding this product is the new release by AP News. AP News run and operated by Associated Press is a non-profit agency based in New York, linked to various news sites including the one known as the TS Newswire, check out the article for yourself.

ap news article

The article is written so poorly with tons of mistakes and typos. AP news is a real and legitimate website but they don’t mean they verify the contents released on the site. Some websites have no process to verify the contents before the release.

The next article released on AP news by Herrick Marketing Team under TS Newswire is another post filled with poor writing and typos. Furthermore, the article failed to back up the claims as there is no validation.

If you look further into the website you will notice that the site is not registered or accredited. It uses a sales pop plugin as a marketing strategy to gain visitors. The more people use the plugin, the more people want to follow. It’s a good old marketing strategy used to increase sales.

Sales Pop plugins are usually used as bait to lure customers. The legitimacy of using Plugin is very low since the method is the most ideal way to boost sales.

One Shot Keto Side Effects, Dosage & How to use it?

As I have mentioned in this review before, it is difficult to determine whether OneShot keto is completely safe to use, without a detailed understanding of its ingredients. From the ingredient’s label on the bottle, it’s clear that the supplement is not enough to accelerate weight loss and not safe for everyone. 

As per the official website of One Shot keto supplement, the recommended dosage by the manufacturer is two capsules a day. You are advised to take the capsule along with a glass of water. Also, this dosage and usage are consistent with most of the standard dietary supplements available in the market.

Fat Burning Formula 

Normally our body works by using the carbs and converting them into glucose which acts as the fuel to perform everyday tasks, both physical as well as mental. When the body is deprived of carbs it goes into a process called keratosis where it then starts breaking down fat to produce energy. The safety concept of the keto diet is still in dispute.

The One Shot Keto formula claims to have a BHB proprietary blend per 1,100 mg pill which is claimed to blow up the production of keratosis and enhance fat burn. Well, I hope it doesn’t burn up anything else!

Amazon Marketplace sells One Shot Keto for $19.95, the product also has a five-star rating with just two reviews. Well, the rating system is quite questionable, isn’t it? The answer is that Amazon still allows third-party sellers to keep the rating even if the fake reviews are taken down. Sadly not many people know this. So for those users who think that the ratings are legit, sorry to break your bubble.

one shot keto amazon

Celebrities are promoting

If you look at the image you can see for yourself that the image has been edited for promotional purposes (scam alert!!!)

one shot keto fake promotional

Is it a scam?

Well if you have been through the review so far it would be as clear as day and night that this product screams scam. I recommend people to stay away from the product if they don’t want to end up losing money. Yes! you might lose a lot of your money, Here is what I found, 

Though the website has quite a lot of followers on Facebook if you check the reviews you can see a lot of angry customers calling out One Shot Keto for victimising them. No return policy and no refund!!! What’s scarier? The claim that Dr Oz p promoted this product on his channel. The link to such a youtube video no longer exists. Hence overall One Shot Keto has no single legitimate claim to back them up.

one shot keto customer complaints

Customer Reviews on One Shot Keto

Here are some of the reviews posted on this website by the customers who’ve purchased One Shot Keto

Critical Update: One Shot Keto is on a downward trend and the reviews are not that great. We recommend SlimTone Keto Supplement as an alternative to One Shot Keto as it contains all the ingredients used in One Shot Keto with better results.


I would like to conclude that this product, One Shot Keto, is a scam. The product has no backup, no credible reviews or ratings and they even used a fake image to promote their fake claims. For starters, genuine products will have genuine data to back up the claims. 

For starters, Ardent-Keto which is supposedly claimed to be the face of One shot keto cannot be found on google so where’s this product even coming from? Well, only they would know! 

The AP news article was clearly written by a non-native English speaking person who did not even verify the typos. The website has also taken up a lawsuit waiver to stop the customers from filing lawsuits. They might have known they had it coming to take up such precautions. 

 So if you are ok with consuming something that has a faceless vendor with no guarantee for weight loss or your life (it could even be harmful), without proper testing or proven claims then go ahead. 

For someone who wants to lose weight, there are some pills in the market that actually work and have real results and proven claims, such as the ones given below I would recommend you try those.

If anyone among you had been a victim of such fake scams make sure you file complaints with FTC, FDA and BBB

Frequently Asked Questions by our audience

How long will it take to get results?

The supplement is not effective in accelerating weight lose. The product website claims that it delivers desired results within 2 to 3 months of usage. But most of the customers reviewed that they haven’t got any change even after using the supplement for 6 to 7 months.

Should I couple any special diets or workouts?

Following a healthy keto diet and mild workouts itself is better than using a One shot keto supplement to lose weight.

When to expect the delivery of the product?

Most of the customers of One shot keto supplement complained that there is a delay in delivery of the product and some of them haven’t got the product even after 1 month of purchase.

Any side effects?

According to user reviews, some of them have gained around 30 pounds and pancreatitis by taking One shot keto supplement.

What type of gelatin are the capsules?

Any information regarding this is not provided on the website or on the supplement bottle.

Alternatives To One Shot Keto

One shot keto supplement is just backed by some shallow statements that don’t have any solid proof. So it is difficult to say whether it is safe for consumption. That’s why the genuine comments about the supplement are quite underwhelming. The manufacturer of the supplement has made quite a few claims about the supplement but has been unable to back it up with substantial evidence. So the better option would be to go for a tested keto supplement that does back up its claims. Here are some genuine keto supplements that we recommend for you:

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